We cover all aspects of landscaping, excavation, construction, planting and garden maintenance.


Getting your landscape ready

Your landscape needs to be prepared correctly to ensure it achieves its optimal potential, whether its ensuring your soil is healthy or whether its laying down new grass beds. Preparation isnt always obvious but it will help your garden grow strong and healthy.

Retaining Walls & Terraces

Stands the test of time

We use a range of different materials to suit your needs. Reused timber, pavers, punga, macrocapa sleepers, railway sleepers or stone.

Trellis work

Clever and stylish ways to add privacy

Trellis panels are a fantastic way to add privacy and intimacy to your backyard. Whether it's bamboo, brushstick/tea tree, wood panelling - we can help!

Steps & Stairs

Creative ideas using a variety of surfaces

Whether its rock, wood, concrete, tiles, shells or restored materials, we can build steps and stairs using any surface you choose.

Driveways, Walkways & Paths

Walk this way!

Waiheke is well known for its odd driveways and steep gradients. Come and chat to us, we have some great solutions for you!

Transplanting & Planting

No job is too big for us

Whether its moving your garden bed or installing more palms, we can help you!

Sourcing Plants & Materials

Pick up and delivery

We have some great sources for plants, garden ornamentals and building materials and can pick these up and deliver to your door.

Digger & Kanga work

Diggers are no problem!

Our experienced team can handle both heavy duty digger and kanga work.

Total Landscape Construction

You dream it, we create it!

No project is too large or small for LSG Landscape Gardeners. If you have a concept in mind, we can help bring it to life. We provide practical and affordable solutions to your goals.

Garden Beds & Planter Boxes

Fresh, new ideas for your garden

Create fantastic herb and vege gardens with our raised garden beds and planter boxes!

Rock & Sleeper work

Stunning results!

We can do anything with Rocks and Sleepers. We can create dry river beds, rock walls, rock edging, rock features, steps, retaining walls, edges, garden features, entrance poles, entrance ways with durable and rustic sleepers.

Garden Edging

Attractive finishing touches

We can tidy up those garden edges for you. We use all kinds of materials like stones, rocks, bark, restored wood, plants and even sea shells!

Hedges & Trimming

Need a tidy up?

Call us now and we can tidy up your landscape, trim those hedges and regularly maintain your garden.

Lawn Care

We can take care of your lawns

Do your grounds a favour and enquire about our flexible Lawn Care services.

Regular Maintenance

Caring for your gardens

We offer regular lawn care and maintenance services. Weed control, pruning, spraying, hedging, pest & disease controls, fertilising, mulching.

Water features

Fountains, ponds, bridges, waterfalls

Our water features will look like they are naturally wrought, we're just that good!